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Marriage between great designs and comfort

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Fancy Footwork

The Kawan Project/ Fictionist Studio: Three Legged Pair

The Kawan Project/ Nelissa Hilman : Peek-a-boo

Dear, Buncho

Gift Set

Seven Sunday

The Kawan Project/ MotoGuo : Frolicking In The Crease

Submission to Create

The birth place

Little thing that makes life wonderful

Goodpair socks revolves around simplicity. Executed with good material, good looking design and good comfort to evoke good feeling for everyone.

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Wonderful unique socks! Great communication from a friendly helpful seller. Couldn't recommend more.

~ Joanne, London ~


We purchase these socks for our 17 year old nephew for Christmas this past year. He wanted funky socks and funky ties. He loves the socks. They are well-made and they were box beautifully for giving as a gift. The service was excellent. thank you

~ Montross, New York ~



~ まゆ, Kyoto ~



~ SAL, Taipei ~


Bought almost everything available, looking forward to new and creative prints! Wonderful socks and REALLY great fit.

~ Frightknight, Canada ~

Little insight about us

Every single knit of Goodpair socks is happened in our homeland, Malaysia.

You will find out the refinement and comfort in Goodpair socks doesn't failed to make your day.

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