The Kawan Project : Luna Island

The Kawan Project :

Goodpair Socks x Lunabarcoffee

Luna Island

Luna Island collection is a scene pictured in our mind, of this island with bright moonlight that shines down on this gorgeous sea surface, with random water ripple at different parts, blending a serene night with some uncertainty. the whole scene calms the mind, and brings innerpeace.

Goodpairsocks x Lunabarcoffee's joint collaboration is a snap. Use of minimal colors combination and simple geometric lines to draw various echoing elements, warm and calm design, just like the undisturbed moonlight. You can associate these geometric lines and points with your own imagination.

Imagination is not limited by any framework.
"Luna Island" is more than an island. it could refer to moon, person, wind, grass, cloud, tide, light, and that indispensable element from the surroundings of you and me. wear socks on your feet and it becomes a part of an individual.
Let this series of socks accompany you and add a little sparkle and color to your life.



“月島”,“Luna Island”是月光照在海面上一瓢唯美的縮影,隨著水波漣漪,時而平靜,時而波動。即平和,又悠然。
Goodpairsocks x Lunabarcoffee 的聯名合作可謂一拍即合。使用清新的色系與簡單的幾何線條繪製各種相呼應的元素,暖心而沈穩的設計,像不擾人的月光。大家可憑藉自己的想像聯想這些幾何線條與點的呈現。