The Kawan Project : Greater 2gether

The Kawan Project :
Goodpair Socks x Salang Design
Greater 2gether
“How much is 1+1?
In math world where every “one” is a whole number, the answer always equals to two.
However, the synergy between each individual is not simply just an algebra. When two individuals worked together, the power is greater than two, and it contains much possibilities.
If that’s so, could you imagine the synergy we are generating when all of us team up?
“The Kawan Project: Greater 2gether” is the collaboration work between Goodpair Socks and Salang Design. We believe creativity is about combining two or more different elements, and that sparkle something unexpectedly.  
“Greater 2gether” is the spirit of solidarity, a prospect for the future.
“Greater 2gather“的概念来自于我们都相信”1+1=大于二“,通过团队合作和协作就有会有不一样的可能性。从而推广团结精神。
此系列袜子中蕴含了许多马来西亚代表性的标志与原素,配合Salang Designs细致的刺绣作品,当中的刺绣图案代表着世代共存在這國家的各种族。
人与人之间的力量却不是单纯的代数相加 ---