The Kawan Project : Three Legged Pair

The Kawan Project/ Fictionist Studio: Three Legged Pair

When enough is good enough

For most of us, being content with what we have is a challenging state of mind to be in.

Most of us aspire to have more money, more time, more gravy on our rice, more digital storage space, more comfort, more faith in our relationship, etc. Using a pair of socks as a metaphor - how we only have 2 feet for 2 pieces of socks to be worn, with no extra legroom (no pun intended) - Fictionist Studio wrote a song about a three-legged pair of socks; lamenting abstractly on how we'd want a more adequate life partner, when usually, the relationship is already good enough.

Same goes to others aspects of our daily lives. More often than not, enough is good enough.

足,够好。 何时开始对我们而言,知足变成了崇高的精神追求。处处都充斥着鼓励你拥有更多的声音,如何获得更多收入,怎样可以腾出更多时间,更大的硬碟,更多储存空间,更舒服写意的生活,更具稳定性的关系等等无疑都是难以抗拒的糖衣诱惑。

如果用袜子来举例,一双脚就只能穿两只袜子,再也腾不出另只脚穿第三双袜子。持着这想法Fictionist Studio创作了一首和此系列同名歌曲,叙说不断寻觅更理想伴侣的人们,忽略了最适合自己的的枕边人。在生活多数情况下,你拥有的,很可能都已经足, 够好。