MY INNER BEAUTY : A Reversible Patterned Socks

The idea that has been playing on our mind, has been realized in our 8th collection. This is the most experimental project that we have ever embarked on. After many rounds of trial and error, here we are, proudly announcing the launch of the Reversible Patterned Socks, wearable on both sides, My Inner Beauty.

The smooth and tidy outer surface of the socks, with a neat pattern, suitable for formal occasions, worn with formal shoes or minimalist sneakers, presenting a neat look.

When turning over the inner side of the socks, the original pattern will be presented in a furry and fluffy texture. Regardless of whether it’s a holiday or weekend, pair it with long skirt or shorts, worn with sandals that show off the socks, you can head on comfortably to picnic, café hopping or just a mere afternoon spending leisure time with friends and family.

You can decide to wear a different style by choosing to either show off the inside or the outside surface of the socks, and match it with your outfit or even mood of the day. 

My Inner Beauty series has 3 designs, each with combination of 4 colorways, giving a total of 12 varieties to choose from.