Fancy Footwork

Fancy Footwork

This is a series inspired by joyful and fancy footwork.
Keep dancing and never quit running.

About Run -
I’m not doing any good in ball games.
I couldn’t coordinate or aim well.
But I enjoy keeping up with the pace and momentum very much.
This is why I choose running as my daily exercise.

It is a movement that keeps moving forward.
It is a way to eliminate distractions and find your focus.
It is a symbol of not giving up.

About Dance -
Dancing is one of the most unique ways for humans to express themselves.
When listening to the music in our studio, my hands and feet always move
in a way it paints a certain dance move.
End up with the most satisfying option – these chubby and mellow hands
and feet , they are very funny and very appealing to me.

My wish is that whoever puts on this collection of socks would feel inspired
to keep moving forward in the direction of one’s heart desire.

Let convey joy and emotion through Fancy Footwork.